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Thank you everybody in 2019

We’ve had a sudden surge of orders the past few weeks and would like to thank everybody who has ordered from us for the first time.

The website generates orders but it comes and goes. We’re looking to order more inventory at this time and looking to grow in 2020 so please let everybody know about this website.

We’re looking at having a logo made for use on the website and with marketing material. I just ordered some self-adhesive labels to help me process an order and we can stop using the clear packing tape on the shipping labels.

Our 40 / 41 caliber boresnake and 12 gauge boresnake have been extremely popular so they’re close to being almost out so we’ll order some more shortly.

We have more 9mm boresnakes and more 22 caliber boresnakes ordered also.

Sometime next week, we’ll start adding more calibers as I just realized we only have 6 caliber of boresnakes.