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Site Update

Hey everybody, sorry for the downtime this morning I just moved the website really quick between two webservers I have setup to run the website.

The website should be much faster and more responsive with a newer PHP version.

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Thank you for all the orders

I’m still here running the site and processing orders.

Check us out at Out East Metals also where we sell gold and silver.  As of right now October 14th, we’re out of stock of 9mm but I have just placed an order and we will have some very soon. We just sold out of 9mm so fast. We’ve got more than enough stock on everything else.

Thank you so much for all of the customers supporting us. We process the orders and ship them as fast as you pay so thank you again.

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2020 Update – Thank You Everyone!

40 Caliber / 10MM / 41 Remington Boresnake

Thank you so much for all the December orders it was a great thing to see so many orders coming in and our inventory moving so we can order more.

We have more 40/41 caliber (10mm) boresnakes in stock.

Our inventory was getting low for awhile but we’ve got some new ideas on products so we’re going to add them to the site.

One thing we’re looking at adding to the site is thread protectors. Our distributor sent some thread protector samples and they look very nice so we’d figure that we would look at selling them on the website.

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Thank you everybody in 2019

We’ve had a sudden surge of orders the past few weeks and would like to thank everybody who has ordered from us for the first time.

The website generates orders but it comes and goes. We’re looking to order more inventory at this time and looking to grow in 2020 so please let everybody know about this website.

We’re looking at having a logo made for use on the website and with marketing material. I just ordered some self-adhesive labels to help me process an order and we can stop using the clear packing tape on the shipping labels.

Our 40 / 41 caliber boresnake and 12 gauge boresnake have been extremely popular so they’re close to being almost out so we’ll order some more shortly.

We have more 9mm boresnakes and more 22 caliber boresnakes ordered also.

Sometime next week, we’ll start adding more calibers as I just realized we only have 6 caliber of boresnakes.

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Our Site Is The Best Deal On 22 Caliber Boresnakes

22 Caliber Boresnake

Our 22 caliber boresnake is one of our best selling boresnakes on our site.

With the price starting at $10 or less, you cannot go wrong with having a 22 caliber boresnake in your collection as a gun owner.

This boresnake is flexible as it works on a variety of calibers of firearms:

  • 22 Rimfire including 22 Long Rifle, 22 Short, 22 Long and 22 WMR/Magnum.
  • 223 Remington
  • 5.56 x 45 mm NATO
  • 22-250
  • 22 TCM

This boresnake will work for any and all AR-15 style pistols and rifles, 22 caliber rimfire firearms and much more.

If you’re not sure if ordering this for a firearm owner, choose this one because it will cover the 22 rimfire hunters/target shooters and AR-15 owners.


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Shipment Tracking Enabled


We have shipment tracking enabled on our orders now to easily allow you to find where your package is at on it’s way to you.

Boresnakes uses United States Postal Service 1st Class shipping by default on all orders.

We try to ship the item same day once payment is received and depending on conditions, it does not take very long for you to receive the item. We ship from the United States and from our inventory on hand. Boresnakes does not drop ship or have our inventory shipped by another party to you.

Boresnakes would like to wish all of our customers a safe Memorial Day.

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March 2019 Inventory


We’re officially back online. This is “Boresnakes 2.0” right now.

We’ve got some 22 caliber boresnakes on order right now and hopefully should have them in ASAP. As of the second week of March, we have more in stock and ready to ship!

I’ve brought in another person to help me run this and this allows me to get some things done while she handles the day-to-day operation of processing orders.