About Us

I’ve owned the domain since 2017. I’ve sold boresnakes on eBay and social media for awhile. In 2017, I noticed how many businesses were having trouble with Mark Zuckerberg’s domination on social media so I scored this domain name since it was available and have prepared myself for the eventual prohibition of anything pewpew related on his social media empire.

It’s 2019 and Facebook isn’t getting better. It’s still unpredictable.

I’m tired of being the perceived crazy guy shaking his fist at clouds. I’ll lead by example, watch the chips predictably fall where they fall pointing at countless examples, and the old crazy man shaking his fist at clouds is all the sudden the rational guy the whole time.

I use these products on my own collection from my Glock 19 Polymer80 9mm build, to my step-dad’s Savage 30-30 hunting rifle, and the milsurps in my collection.


We do not conduct customer service via Facebook. Plain and simple.

We have a website and email addresses for you to contact our customer service team regarding your order.

We do not trust Facebook’s platform and only have our page as a placeholder to prevent a page from impersonating us for whatever purpose. We have tried to sell on their platform through our official page and get our products denied. Many of you have purchased from me in private groups.

We’re on Gab as @boresnakes and recommend you sign up for Gab also.


The products are shipped without retail packaging, which is how the price is so much cheaper than what you would find in retail stores.

Retail these boresnakes sell for $15 – 20/each with some firearms owners not knowing better are happily purchasing them. This is fine if you have a few firearms but now, it’s not uncommon to have ten or more different calibers of firearms. Firearms need to be properly cleaned and maintained, so the boresnake is the best tool in my opinion for the job. Some may not choose to use this product on a precision rifle, which I can understand, but I see no problem using this product on a shotgun or firearms that need “minute of man” accuracy.

Printing fancy packaging and having the packages filled with product adds cost to the final price the customer pays. With this being in minimal packaging, it is more environmentally friendly and is a smaller size which also impacts shipping costs. Due to the amount of inventory we receive, we cannot visually inspect each product but we do randomly sample and quality control inspect our large orders for consistency.

If there is any issue with what you receive, send us some pictures and we’ll try to remedy the situation.

Our product is not a “knock off” of any product as that claim can be applied to anybody who has produced a similar product at a cheaper cost. It could be said any car is a knock off of Henry Ford’s work. These products are assembled overseas to the same tolerances and quality as other cleaning products, meeting the same reasonable customer expectations in how they’re used and their durability. The only “knock off” is paying too much when you have many calibers of firearms in your growing collection.


Once payment is received and cleared, orders are shipped within 72 hours of the cleared payment with the goal of shipped within 24 hours, if not same day, if the order is received before the mail cut off time. All orders are shipped from the United States. We do not drop ship orders by processing the order, placing an order with a supplier, shipping from overseas supplier to you, taking 2-3 weeks or more to arrive.

All orders are shipped from the United States, shipped through United States Postal Service, with inventory we have on hand. We do not drop ship like some people do online and especially on Facebook groups! 

Boresnakes are shipped in a 2 mil thick tear-resistant poly mailer commonly used by e-commerce websites.

Larger orders are shipped in US Post Office flat rate shipping boxes.

Your order is sent with tracking which is also tied into the payment made via Paypal.

Returns / Refunds

Our products are sold “as-is” without any warranty as they’re size specific and we’re unable to tell if the product was improperly used.

Many team members with our company use our products so I’m fairly confident to say there is very minimal risk for a complete failure of a product.

If the product is shipped and arrived to you in a condition where you are unable to use the product, due to the product passing the manufacturer’s quality control process please contact customer service with pictures. Our staff may decide to ship you a new boresnake at no additional cost.

If the product fails after a period of time, please contact customer service with pictures and an explanation of how this results in the failure. Please include make/models/calibers of firearms the product was used on.


I know that Paypal is very unpopular with certain demographics.

However for me from a business and operations standpoint with over 15 years of experience with Paypal, I’ve had very little issues.

Paypal has an amazing service backed by qualified customer service who have been great to handle any questions or concerns I’ve had much easier than any financial institution I’ve ever used.

If you don’t use Paypal for whatever reason, I understand and would like to still do business with you. We can do a manual order if you contact customer support with what payment you’re attempting to use. I’m willing to accept payment via Cash App. We’re debating to turn back on Coinbase to accept cryptocurrency.


  • We do not allow anybody to access the details/information you submitted to us for an order.
  • We don’t automatically add you to a mailing list.
  • Later on, you will not be spammed because we used your email address from your order.
  • We do not share/rent/sell access to our customer’s information.